“Stravaigan” A solo show at the Glasgow Gallery!

9 May 2023

Nichol currently divides his time between large scale artwork projects and his own painting. “Stravaig” is an old Scots word that means to meander with purpose. Most of the work of “Stravaigin” has been inspired by Nichol’s wanderings, both for work and simple meanderings. His latest paintings show views from these journeys and reflect his enduring fascination with light, particularly that crepuscular period from dusk into early night.

Nichol has a variety of large-scale public projects currently underway. He is the artist/curator for the artwork program at new Stockingfield Bridge in Northwest Glasgow. He is also the artist/curator for the new Cross Tay Link road that is being built to the North of Perth where he will be responsible for the commissioning of the new artworks on the roundabouts and such. He is also in the process of designing and building “The Beithir” a 120m long sculpture of a mythological lightening serpent that will weave through and unite the host of artworks at the new Stockingfield bridge. More information can be found at www.thebeithir.com

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