Nichol Wheatley

My next show is at the wonderful Glasgow Gallery. The show is titled “Stravaigan” to reflect my itinerant lifestyle in these last 12 months.

“I currently divide my time between large scale artwork projects and my own painting. “Stravaig” is an old Scots word that means to meander with purpose. Most of the work of “Stravaigin” has been inspired by my wanderings, both for work and simple meanderings. These latest paintings show views from these journeys and reflect my enduring fascination with light, particularly that crepuscular period from dusk into early night.”

It will be open the public on the 3rd of June and will run to the 1st of July. Please see the gallery website for details –

Work will be on sale from the morning of the 2nd of June at 9am via the Glasgow Gallery website.

I’m a Scottish artist who mainly paints landscapes. I’ve also worked for Oscar winning film designers, made huge mosaics and murals acted as the arts consultant for infrastructure projects. I spent 15 years working with my hero and mentor Alasdair Gray, notably on Òran Mór, the Hillhead mural and his proposed mural for the Scottish Parliament.

I can mainly be found at my new studio in Kinross-shire. 

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