"Lost Castle, Loch Avich, The Castle of the Red Haired Maiden.” Loch Avich, Argyll and Bute." Oil on Linen.

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Nichol Wheatley is a Scottish artist who has had a varied career. He graduated from Glasgow school of Art and then had a long period in the wilderness working as a bouncer, a chef, a stonemason, a blacksmith as well as other jobs. When he returned to art he set up Perfect Circle Art, a commercial fine art company. He ran this for 15 years in tandem with Maryhill Art School and Strange Frames, a bespoke framing company.



In 2016 he staged his first show of paintings and since then he has made his living from his art and his work as an artist in other contexts. He is known for his large cycle of murals depicting the tale of Tam o'Shanter by Robert Burns and his collaboration with the late Alasdair Gray.

He is also known for his collaborations with film makers and musicians including work with Paul Buchanan and his work on

Trainspotting 2 and  Outlaw King. He is a member of the Unikely Clan, a loose grouping of figurative painters. He is currently the Artist / Curator for the Stockingfield Bridge project for Scottish Canals.



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