Being in the new Studio

30 August 2021

Now that the studio is finally wind and watertight, I’ve started to move things up from my previous studio. It’s truly amazing how a relatively small amount of furniture can turn into a huge pile when it comes time to move it, but with the help of my father’s old grey fergie tractor we managed to get all of the important stuff shifted. Starting work in the new studio I immediately noticed a difference: there’s a lot more room to work with and this has made things run a lot smoother. Being a studio by design it also has all the things an artist needs that a farmer doesn’t tend to remember in their barns. There’s a hanging rail built into the wall so converting the space into a gallery is quite easy and there’s a dedicated workshop to keep tools that I’m not using from cluttering my workspace. 

The most striking change is the light. The windows are built into the northern roof so that the light is steady. I can’t wait to see how this changes my work.

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